Personal Savings Accounts

Saving for a short term need or a lifetime plan? 
Progress Bank offers the right options to fit your needs. 

Personal Savings

Our Personal Savings account offers you a safe and convenient way to watch your savings grow.  And, the more you save, the more you earn on your deposits.

How it benefits you

  • Earn interest on your savings
  • Free quarterly bank statements
  • Free Online Banking

Quick Facts

  • $100 minimum deposit to open, $500 minimum balance to earn interest
  • No monthly maintenance fee with a $500 minimum daily collected balance
  • $5 monthly fee if daily collected balance drops below the minimum
  • 2 free monthly withdrawals per monthly statement cycle

Progress Youth Savers 

It's never too early to begin!  Our Progress Youth Savers account offers your children a fun and easy way to watch their savings grow.

How it benefits you

  • Earn interest on savings
  • Free quarterly statement

Quick Facts

  • No minimum deposit to open and earn interest
  • No monthly service fee

Certificates of Deposit

Earn a higher rate of interest on your savings with a Progress Bank Certificate of Deposit. Whether you prefer your money to earn a competitive rate of interest in just a few days or in several years, we offer a variety of certificates ranging in terms of seven days to five years. The longer the term - the higher your rate.

  • Guaranteed rate for the term of your CD
  • Frequency of interest paid based on your choice

Personal Money Market
Investment Account

Our Personal Money Market Investment account gives you the benefits of a savings account and the convenience of check access.  Plus one big bonus!  The more you save, the more interest you earn! 

How it benefits you

  • Earns interest           
  • Free Online Banking
  • Free imaged monthly bank statements and checks
  • Free first order of personalized standard checks
  • No fee notary service and official checks

Quick Facts

  • $2,500 minimum deposit to open and earn interest
  • No monthly service fee with a $2,500 minimum daily collected balance
  • $20 monthly service fee below minimum
  • Six free monthly debit transactions allowed with no more than three by checks, drafts or similar orders to third parties; a fee of $6 will be charged for each additional debit transaction in excess of six, regardless of balance.

Balance tiers:
$0.00 - $2,499.99                       
$2500 - $24,999.99                                   
$25,000- $899,999.99                       
$900,000 +                     

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

It’s never too early to open an IRA certificate, a tax-efficient way to save for retirement. Whether it’s a traditional IRA with tax-deferred earnings until withdrawal or a Roth IRA which offers the same tax-deferred earnings but with greater tax savings and withdrawal flexibility,  Progress Bank is prepared to help you select the right account for your situation.

  • $500 minimum
  • Interest is fixed for the term selected and paid at maturity
  • Annual fee applies

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